Where does my donation go?

Your donation directly supports New York-based Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) in their cutting-edge research on metastatic breast cancer that is currently in, or moving into, clinical trials.


New class of potential drug targets:

Scientists at CSHL have identified a new driver of metastatic breast cancer. Loss of the gene, known as MALAT1, prevents tumor growth and metastasis in laboratory models. The researchers have developed an innovative strategy to inhibit the gene and are actively moving the treatment into clinical trials.


Clinical trials for HER2-positive breast cancer:

HER2-positive tumors are some of the most aggressive types of breast cancer. CSHL researchers have identified a chemical has the power to block tumor growth and halt metastasis in laboratory models of HER2-positive breast cancer by inhibiting a protein called PTP1B. Phase I clinical trials are now underway at Northwell Health.


“Liquid Biopsies” for metastatic cancer: 

Metastatic disease is rarely diagnosed early enough. Researchers at CSHL are using the latest DNA sequencing technology to detect metastatic cells in a simple blood draw. The goal is develop diagnostics that are faster, cheaper, and more accurate to detect cancer as early as possible.


Working together for a cure